We are strengthening our legal department by welcoming Associate Lawyer Ingeborg Alme Råsberg to our team.

Protector has moved to new premises as of May 6, 2019. The new address, which is both our postal address and our visiting address, is Pilestredet 33, 0166 Oslo, Norway. 

  • All IPR laws: Restitution based on unintentional criterion replaces all due care. 
  • Restitution of priority on patents. 
  • Patent limitations: No longer examined on novelty and inventive step, clarity and enablement.  
  • Administrative patent review: Can now be based on enablement. 
  • Design applications: No need to give the name of the designer. 

Norwegian courts rule that purple is not perceived as a trade mark for inhalers. 

Morten Balle, EPA, is new managing partner in Protector from March 2016. Morten is one of the founding partners of Protector and has long experience in advising clients in IPR, and especially patent related questions. 

The London Agreement is accepted in Norway and the Norwegian Patent Act is amended accordingly.